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Easy Driving Directions

Posted: April 27, 2018

The Easy Driving Directions Chrome add-on might seem like a cool application to install since it promises to provide its users with driving and routing instructions, as well as detailed country maps. While all of this certainly sounds convenient, you should not forget that there are plenty of free online services such as Google Maps and Yahoo Maps, which can provide you with an even richer set of features without asking you to install dubious 3rd-party extensions. Apart from the better alternatives, there's another important reason why you might not want to install the Easy Driving Directions – this add-on's installation can't be completed unless you permit it to apply changes to the Google Chrome's settings.

The changes in question are certainly not harmful, but they might reduce the quality of your browsing experience by forcing you to use websites that you are not used to. The installation of the Easy Driving Directions may require the user to allow the add-on to replace the Chrome's default new tab page with Search.searchedd.com, a safe website which, however, might not yield search results as credible as the ones provided by Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Bing, or other reputable search engines.

Thankfully, users who are not happy with the changes that the Easy Driving Directions introduces should be able to resolve the issue rather swiftly. Since this PUP is not unsafe, its removal can be completed manually. If manual removal is not your favorite way to deal with intrusive software, then you also should be able to take care of the problem with the assistance of an up-to-date PC security software suite.