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Easy File Converter

Posted: March 16, 2018

The Easy File Converter is a document conversion utility, which is available for Google Chrome exclusively. However, don't be misled by the fact that it is exclusive because the Easy File Converter is not as nearly as special as it might claim to be. Although having file conversion utilities at your disposal is convenient undisputedly, you should stay away from 3rd-party add-ons like the Easy File Converter probably since they might often cause unexpected side effects. In this case, this product is known for replacing the default new tab of Google Chrome with Search.searchfefc.com. While this change is not unsafe, it might disrupt your Web searching habits and provide you with irrelevant or sponsored search results.

The other thing worth noting about the Easy File Converter is that the services it offers are hosted on a 3rd-party website, which can be accessed without using the extension at all. In addition to this, there are various online file conversion tools that you can use for free, without having to download additional software – and all of them are just one Web search away.

The Easy File Converter is a product of Polarity Technologies LTD, and just like many of the company's other software solutions, this one also has been marked as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) by malware researchers and other cybersecurity experts. PUPs are not harmful pieces of software, but their presence on a PC often might be accompanied by irritating behavior, unwanted changes to certain settings, and other minor annoyances. If you have installed the Easy File Converter and it has tampered with the Google Chrome's configuration in a way that you do not enjoy, then we suggest that you take the required steps to uninstall this extension – either manually or with the help of specialized security software.