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Easy To Watch TV New Tab

Posted: March 26, 2018

The Easy To Watch TV New Tab is s meant to help users access their favorite TV channels online and watch them for free thanks to online streams. However, you should keep in mind that streaming TV channels online is illegal, and using such services is the same as pirating movies, shows or games. In addition to promoting pirated content, Easy To Watch TV New Tab might also annoy users by tampering with their browser’s settings in order to introduce them to an alternative new tab page.

The website that Easy To Watch TV New Tab promotes is affiliated with the add-on’s publisher, Polarity Technologies LTD, and it features a search field accompanied by a collection of links to online TV streaming services and sites. Keep in mind that the TV streams might not work as expected and, as mentioned earlier, the ones that work are likely to be shut down soon since their activities are illegal.

The search page that Easy To Watch TV New Tab uses delivers results thanks to Yahoo Search, but this might also change in the future, and this is why we don’t recommend using unreliable search aggregators like the one this add-on promotes. If you wish to uninstall Easy To Watch TV New Tab, then you can take care of this task with the help of a suitable PC security tool.