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EasyZip New Tab

Posted: January 29, 2018

The EasyZip New Tab is a software solution offered by Azted Media Inc. Some users might be surprised to hear that EasyZip is not a stand-alone file-archiving application and, instead, it works as a browser add-on, which is supposed to help people manage ZIP files and other data type archives. However, it is questionable how helpful the EasyZip New Tab is, because it does not offer any unique features to its users. When you accept to install the EasyZip New Tab, it will request your permission to replace your browser's settings by setting Easyziptab.com as the new tab page or default search aggregator.

The 'features' that the EasyZip New Tab is advertised for are offered by 3rd-party websites, which can be found on the Easyziptab.com that will be set as the default new tab when this extension is installed. In addition to these links, the EasyZip New Tab also hosts a number of links to popular social media pages and other websites that many users use on a regular basis. While this is handy, it is certainly not a valid reason to install a browser add-on, which may be useless and force you to use an alternative new tab whenever you browse the Web.

Users who wish to eradicate the EasyZip New Tab from their computers can do so either manually, or with the help of a credible security utility. A lot of anti-virus products detect the EasyZip New Tab as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) and can ensure its full removal.