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'Enter Facebook Password' Scam

Posted: June 14, 2018

The 'Enter Facebook Password' scam is executed with the assistance of unsafe browser pop-ups that users might come across while browsing low-quality websites or because they have an adware extension installed on their computers. Regardless of the source of the pop-ups, it is important to remember that Facebook would never ask you to provide your login details on a website different than Facebook.com. Naturally, the goal of the people behind the 'Enter Facebook Password' scam is to harvest login credentials that might be used for various purposes such as selling them to hackers, spreading malware, or spying on the users and blackmailing them.

The people behind the 'Enter Facebook Password' scam have taken their time to design the login prompt to look exactly like the one used by Facebook.com so that it is rather easy to fall for this simple trick if you are an inexperienced PC user.

If you suspect that you might have provided your password to the people behind pop-up like the one used to promote the 'Enter Facebook Password' scam, then we suggest that you change your Facebook account password immediately.