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'Error #0x0072ee7' Pop-Ups

Posted: October 31, 2017

The 'Error #0x0072ee7' pop-ups are hosted on fraudulent websites, which have been programmed to block the user's Web browser by preventing them from accessing other tabs or closing the stream pop-ups and alerts that usually accompany the 'Error #0x0072ee7' pop-ups. If you encounter these pop-ups, then it is likely that you also will see a lengthy message, which warns you that your computer might have become the target of cyber crooks, and you might be in danger of having your information, bank account details, e-mail credentials, and social media accounts leaked to hackers.

The 'Error #0x0072ee7' pop-ups may be seen on various websites, and inexperienced PC users might have no idea what the final goal of these worrisome messages is. However, the answer to that is quite simple – the authors of the 'Error #0x0072ee7' pop-ups are aiming to turn you into a victim of an online technical support tactic. This is why all of these pop-ups may be accompanied by a message, which urges you to call a technical support hotline that will help you resolve all computer issues. In the case of the 'Error #0x0072ee7' pop-ups, we've seen the number 888-779-0939 being used, but it is entirely possible that this group of con artists also may run their tactic on other phone lines.

The 'Error #0x0072ee7' pop-ups often appear on top of a page that has been designed to look like Microsoft's original websites so that users targeted by the crooks should not be surprised if they see some Microsoft branding on the fraudulent page. These con artists also might host slight variations of the tactic, which might use different error codes such as the 'Error 0xB1983959.'

To make sure that you will never become a victim of an online technical support tactic is by remembering that Web browser pop-ups should not be trusted if they claim to provide information regarding your computer's security and health. Another easy way to recognize tactics of this sort is that they will always ask you to call a particular phone line, and you also might find it difficult to leave the page where the pop-ups are hosted on.