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'ERROR # 0xuaO-0x156m(3)' Pop-Ups

Posted: November 11, 2020

The 'ERROR # 0xuaO-0x156m(3)' pop-ups are false messages that con artists use to lure potential victims in a technical support tactic. The pop-ups in question are usually the first part of a multi-stage tactic, which will try to convince the users to spend their money on fake services or products eventually. In some cases, the fraudsters may be even more aggressive with their approach, and they may try to get their victims to visit a phishing page. Needless to say, falling for a con of this type may end up really bad.

The 'ERROR # 0xuaO-0x156m(3)' pop-ups tell the victim that they are seeing a 'Microsoft Important Warning.' The pop-ups also contain a fake anti-virus repo claiming that the user's computer is infected by a virus. Finally, the pop-ups say that the victim's login credentials for emails, social media, and bank account might have been collected by hackers. According to the 'ERROR # 0xuaO-0x156m(3)' pop-ups, the situation can be resolved by calling Windows Support at 844-279-2314. This phone is not linked to Windows or Microsoft in any way and, instead, a quick Web search shows that it is related to various schemes.

You should never trust random websites and pop-ups that warn you of a malware infection, hacker attack or another critical system issue. These messages are almost guaranteed to be part of a tactic that has the sole goal of collecting your money. If you encounter the 'ERROR # 0xuaO-0x156m(3)' pop-ups during your Web browsing sessions, you should not trust anything it says and leave it immediately.