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'Error # 0xx90025ee9' Pop-Ups

Posted: May 30, 2017

The 'Error # 0xx90025ee9' pop-ups are fraudulent browser messages whose presence may often be accompanied by annoying side effects – being unable to close any of the opened tabs, or seeing the pop-up open repeatedly without giving you a chance to close it. This may seem threatening at first, but the presence of the 'Error # 0xx90025ee9' pop-ups in your Web browser is rarely associated with threats, and it is usually owed to the fact that you stumbled on a low-quality page that distributes the fraudulent pop-ups. Often, the content of these messages is crafted with one thing in mind – to scare users into believing that their computers have been attacked by threats and they need to hire the services of the technical support agents promoted in the same pop-ups immediately. In the case of the 'Error # 0xx90025ee9' pop-ups, users may be advised to call 800-014-8499 to acquire the services of certified computer experts.

Unfortunately, we assure you that the number 800-014-8499 is not owned by a legitimate provider of computer maintenance services and, instead, this number belongs to an organized group of con artists that run countless technical support frauds like the one featured in the 'Error # 0xx90025ee9' pop-ups. These tactics are distributed with the assistance of low-quality ads and can be hosted on a variety of domains such as Learnyourskillonweb.xyz and checkwebtopicfirst.xyz (two of the domain names that may lead to the 'Error # 0xx90025ee9' pop-ups).

The good news is that encountering the 'Error # 0xx90025ee9' pop-ups in your Web browser does not mean that you have any pending issues on your computer. The issues will come if you decide to follow the misleading instructions seen in the pop-up. The correct way to proceed when you've been exposed to fraudulent messages like the ones in the 'Error # 0xx90025ee9' pop-ups is to fully restart your Web browser to dispose of the tab that spawns the 'Error # 0xx90025ee9' pop-ups. After this, you must remember to be more careful while browsing the Web and to staying away from suspicious sites that may be linked to the 'Error # 0xx90025ee9' pop-ups.

Users who opt to trust the 'Error # 0xx90025ee9' pop-ups may be in for a long call in which the con artists may keep lying to them by assuring that the threat infection is very harmful and they might be at risk of losing their data or having their private information exposed to cyber crooks. The con artists may proceed by promising to fix everything as soon as the user agrees to pay for a service or purchase an expensive piece of software. Needless to say, you should never trust services or software products you encountered in the 'Error # 0xx90025ee9' pop-ups or similar low-quality pages and messages.