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'Error #36581f3ae37' Pop-Ups

Posted: November 4, 2016

The 'Error #36581f3ae37' pop-ups are fake pop-ups that warn users that the error code ''Error #36581f3ae37' is impairing their computers' performance and stability and they need to contact certified Microsoft technicians who can help resolve the issue immediately. The 'Error #36581f3ae37' pop-ups may appear on top of a website that seems to be the Microsoft's original page. However, this is not true, and the authors of this elaborate tactic have simply taken a screenshot of the Microsoft's original website, and use it as a background image for the 'Error #36581f3ae37' pop-ups. This may sometimes trick not-so-vigilant users into believing that the pop-up is being displayed by the Microsoft's original website and the issue they see exists.

The screen shot that the hoax's authors use also includes the URL bar which shows the original domain used by the Microsoft's website. Users who are more vigilant may notice that one of the URL bars they see is fake, but in some cases, this small detail may be overlooked, and it may help trick users into falling for the technical support tactic promoted by the 'Error #36581f3ae37' pop-ups.

The pop-ups warn that failing to fix this error may result in having your information exposed to con artists that may gain access to your Facebook account, e-mail inbox or payment details. We assure you that everything that the 'Error #36581f3ae37' pop-ups warn you about is not true, and the warnings these pop-ups contain are not trustworthy. As we already mentioned, the pop-ups offer a quick solution to the problem – call 888-609-8597 and have all computer problems resolved. However, this phone number does not belong to Microsoft nor is it associated with any reputable provider of online technical support services. In fact, this number is listed as suspicious or part of a hoax by many websites, and judging by the content that promotes it, it is very likely that calling 888-609-8597 will do nothing else than get you closer to being tricked.

Calling 888-609-8597 is a bad idea, because the con artists may continue to provide you with false information regarding your computer's health and security. Often, technical support tactics strive to get the victim's money by offering them to purchase useless security or PC optimization software or to subscribe to expensive technical support services that will not help them at all. If you come across the 'Error #36581f3ae37' pop-ups, you should close the window immediately, and use an anti-malware scanner to make sure that the pop-up was not caused by a piece of threatening software planted on your computer.