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'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' Pop-Up

Posted: February 24, 2017

The 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' Pop-Up may appear in your web browser out of nowhere, and it may warn you that your system has become the target of cyber criminals or that your computer has been locked due to suspicious activity. The messages that accompany 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' Pop-Ups may vary because this is not an official error message and, instead, it was crafted by a group of con artists whose goal is to promote fraudulent technical support services in order to steal money from users like you. Users might come across the 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' Pop-Up when they browse low-quality pages that are linked to an unreliable advertising campaign, and seeing this pop-up for the first time may seem rather scary. This is because the design of the page that hosts 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' Pop-Up looks just like Microsoft's official website, and it warns users about a long list of potentially harmful problems. The pop-up even attempts to be helpful by telling the user that all problems can be solved quickly and efficiently by contacting a certified support agent associated with Microsoft. One of the hotlines that the 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' Pop-Ups may promote is 1-844-324-2398, but it is likely that the scammers may use many other phone numbers for their fraudulent schemes.

Technical support scams are still one of the most popular way for con artists to steal money from innocent users online, and this is why it is very important for our readers to be familiar with the methods that the con artists may use to trick them into thinking that there's something wrong with their computer. It is not uncommon for the pages that host 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' Pop-Ups to also utilize special JavaScript code which prevents the user from successfully closing the pop-up or browser tab. This is why sometimes getting rid of the 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' Pop-Up may require the full termination of the web browser's process. It is not uncommon for pop-ups of this sort to be hosted on a broad range of domains. Currently, this message has only been spotted on the domain hxxp://topkavsupport.com/microsoft-support.html.

Error # 3658ad79cc3021a
WARNING: Your system has critical security vulnerabilities.
Attention customer: Your personal emails, bank and other personal passwords, as well as credit card information are at risk!
Multiple high risk infections detected, call Windows Certified Tech Support right away: —– (Toll-FREE, High priority Call Line)
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The problem is caused by an unusual activity performed on this machine.
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The good news is that even though users don't knowingly choose to open the 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' Pop-Up, these messages are usually not associated with a malware infection. Often, they may be spread via low-quality ad networks that are a common occurrence when talking about pages that host pirated software, adult videos, or other potentially suspicious or illicit content. Users who are exposed to 'Error # 3658ad79cc3021a' Pop-Up are advised to be more careful while browsing the web, as well as to make sure that their antivirus protection is up and running at all times.