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'ERROR #AP7MQ79' Pop-Ups

Posted: August 10, 2018

Seeing the 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' pop-ups for the first time might be a rather unsettling experience since these pop-ups may often claim that your computer has been infected by a virus or it has become the target of cybercriminals. Regardless of the threat mentioned in the message, the 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' Pop-Ups always offer the same solution in the end – to contact a specialized technical support team that will provide you with assistance to resolve the issue. This may sound trustworthy to inexperienced PC users, but we want to assure these people that they should never trust Web browser pop-ups that promote technical support services aggressively, especially if they claim to contain information about virus infections, hacker attacks and other cyber threats.

The truth is that the 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' Pop-Ups are not legitimate and, instead, they are the product of fraudsters who specialize in offering fake technical support services and software to potential victims. The 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' pop-ups is simply a tool, which is meant to scare users into thinking that there is something seriously wrong with their computers and they should seek assistance immediately. Often, these pop-ups are promoted via shady Web pages so that you should not be surprised if you encounter the 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' pop-ups when you browse torrent trackers, sites that host adult content, and similar dubious pages. The presence of the 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' pop-ups in your Web browser might often be accompanied by other minor annoyances such as being unable to switch browser tab or close the threatening pop-up – thankfully, these issues are usually easily resolved by fully restarting your Web browser.

These particular pop-ups are associated with the phone number 8052209695 which returns a lot of results when searched on the Web. Unsurprisingly, most of the results link it to an online tactic so that it goes without saying that you should neither call this number nor trust the pop-ups that advertise it. The presence of the 'ERROR #AP7MQ79' pop-ups in your browser is very unlikely to be linked to suspicious software, and you can usually get rid of them by just restarting your browser and remembering to stay away from dodgy pages.