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'Error Code : 062-050-117' Pop-Ups

Posted: January 9, 2017

The 'Error Code: 062-050-117' pop-ups are corrupted messages whose appearance and text were crafted with one sole purpose – to trick computer users into thinking that they are in dire need of professional technical support services to fix pending computer problems. Usually, messages like the 'Error Code: 062-050-117' pop-ups are hosted on very low-quality pages, but these pop-ups may be hosted on the sub-domain of a search engine known as Search.moviecorner.com. This domain is promoted by a browser extension that goes by the name 'Movie Corner,' and there's no evidence that this browser add on is associated with any suspicious or harmful activities. It is possible that the 'Error Code: 062-050-117' pop-ups may be hosted on that domain because its security was compromised by cyber crooks, but there's no way to confirm this for certain.

If the 'Error Code: 062-050-117' pop-ups show up in your Web browser, then you should not think that the reason for this is a threat infection immediately. Often, pop-ups of this sort may be propagated by low-quality advertising campaigns that you may stumble upon while browsing unpopular websites hosting shady content. The pop-ups state that the victim's machine may have had its security breached and their emails, passwords, information, and credit card data may be leaked to con artists. The good news is that this information is fake, and Web browser pop-ups are never a reliable way to learn more about your computer's security. The goal of the 'Error Code: 062-050-117' pop-ups is to promote the phone number 0800-098-8835 which, according to the message, can get the user in touch with certified computer technicians who'll help them resolve pending computer problems.

The 0800-098-8835 and the the 'Error Code: 062-050-117' pop-ups are part of an elaborate technical support tactic that works by convincing people to believe that the fake computer experts are the only ones who can help them fix their computers. Once the con artists have won the user's trust, they attempt to take their cash by either convincing them to pay for technical support services, or selling them fake software, or similar products. If you encounter the the 'Error Code: 062-050-117' pop-ups in your Web browser, you should close the corresponding tab, and run an anti-malware scanner to make sure that the pop-ups weren't brought by any suspicious software.