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'Error code # MS-6F0EXFE' Pop-Up Scam

Posted: December 7, 2020

The 'Error code # MS-6F0EXFE' pop-up scam is hosted on multiple websites that pose as pages offering technical support services that the user needs immediately. These websites use deceptive pop-ups to trick their visitors into thinking that their computer has been compromised and that their browser has been blocked for safety reasons. It then advises visitors to call 0466 90 17 99 for professional assistance on how to fix the current computer trouble.

The good news is that the 'Error code # MS-6F0EXFE' pop-ups are entirely fake, and the error they mention is non-existent. You should not trust random Web pages claiming to contain information about system errors, malware infections or similar critical issues. Remember that websites are incapable of scanning your computer for problems of this sort.

The 'Error code # MS-6F0EXFE' pop-up scam aims to convince potential targets into calling a fake phone support number, which will connect them to a group of experienced con artists. Once this happens, victims might be told that they need to pay hundreds of dollars for specific products or services that probably do not even exist – the goal of the fraud is to collect the money of the victim.

If you encounter the 'Error code # MS-6F0EXFE' pop-ups in your browser, you should know that they are fake, and you should not fall for the scheme they promote. Closing the deceptive messages and leaving the site immediately is the best course of action.