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'Error Code: RNN7892' Pop-Ups

Posted: November 30, 2016

The 'Error Code: RNN7892' pop-ups are fake Web browser messages that may be accompanied by fake virus alerts, a deceptive threat report, as well as an offer to call the phone number 800-832-1657 for advice on how to fix the pending problems that may put your online safety and privacy in danger. One of the websites known to host the 'Error Code: RNN7892' pop-ups is hxxp://getscanpc.com, but it is very likely that there are other domain names associated with these fake pop-ups. You may be wondering what's the purpose of a page that provides users with fake information regarding threat infections and other computer issues, and you may be surprised to hear the answer. The 'Error Code: RNN7892' pop-ups are part of an online technical support tactic whose purpose is to mislead users into believing that their computers are infected with threats, and they need to hire the services of certified computer technicians.

The end-game of the 'Error Code: RNN7892' pop-ups and the technical support phone number they promote is to convince people to spend staggering amounts of money (often up to $500) in exchange for technical support services, consultations, or expensive computer software that may not work as promised. The message which the 'Error Code: RNN7892' pop-ups bring is that the users' Web browser has been blocked due to a virus infection, and they need to call 800-832-1657 and mention the 'RNN7892' error code immediately. In addition to this, the pop-up may appear on top of an image that depicts an anti-malware scan that relates tens of results associated with different threats.

Usually, the appearance of the 'Error Code: RNN7892' pop-ups is not caused by a threat, and users might encounter these pop-ups and the pages that host them when they follow an unreliable link or browse a page that has been cluttered with potentially unsafe advertisements. Often, the 'Error Code: RNN7892' pop-ups may block the user's Web browser by preventing any other open tabs from being accessed. The only way to get out of this sticky situation is to close the Web browser completely and re-open it without opening the page that hosts the 'Error Code: RNN7892' pop-ups. It goes without saying that calling technical support desks promoted via Web browser pop-ups is not a good idea because they are likely to be linked to a technical support hoax. Reputable technical support services would never rely on messages like the 'Error Code: RNN7892' pop-ups to attract new clients.