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'Error Code Rundll32.exe' Pop-Ups

Posted: August 31, 2016

The 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups are tactics promoting fake technical support lines. The recommendations con artists provide over these hotlines often result in users reducing their computer's security or even transferring over money for no benefit. Malware experts recommend treating websites loading these pop-ups intentionally as being threatening and using anti-malware software for removing traces of threats that can launch the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups more than once.

Why a Windows File is Striking Back at You

Technical support tactics may benefit from the general unfamiliarity that the PC using populace at large has concerning technical error messages. However, even a layman sometimes may be able to identify obvious formatting problems with a fake warning message. The 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups, a parasite with a campaign most prominent in early 2016, stand as a good example of how to detect and avoid the hazards of these hoaxes.

The 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups are standard HTML Web content, but sometimes may include scripts that lock the browser window to your screen. Symptoms one can associate with them may include being unable to switch windows once the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups are in focus and hearing auto-playing audio warnings. These warnings may duplicate the text provided in the pop-ups or offer alternate information, such as warning the computer user about a Registry error.

The 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups may include generic errors that imitate the initial appearance of a Windows warning message, but with numerous differences. Most strikingly, the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups may cite the error code format similar to a BSOD (or 'Blue Screen of Death') but don't display a real error code. Instead, this threat mentions 'rundll32.exe,' which is a default part of Windows that manages DLL files.

Like any tactic of the same type, the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups may appear regardless of your operating system's current state of stability, with no motivation besides promoting their fake technical support.

Running the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' Pop-Ups Right Off of Your Browser

While most PC owners have no interest in memorizing the full list of error codes in use by modern Windows operating systems, just a basic awareness of their standard formats can help attacks like the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups stand out from real warnings. One example of an actual error code is 'ERROR_DATA_CHECKSUM_ERROR 323 (0x143),' which cites a particular technical problem, as well as a numerical reference. Regardless of their format, malware experts stress that real Windows alerts never load themselves via your browser's windows, tabs, websites or advertisements.

When taken for real, the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups may encourage you into purchasing fake security programs, keys or services, or give con artists the means to attack your PC over a network. Many payment methods not obviously unsafe do include safeguards for rescinding any fraudulent transactions, but giving con artists backdoor control over your computer may cause other security problems. Inform and protect yourself, and thereby, your PC, to keep browser attacks like the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups from having a long term impact. Equally importantly, be ready to use anti-malware tools to remove any associated threat that can launch the 'Error Code Rundll32.exe' pop-ups automatically.