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Posted: October 19, 2018

The 'ERROR # MS-SYSINFO32' pop-ups are part of a fraudulent scheme, which misleads users into thinking that their computers have been infected with spyware and their data, credit card details, and social media or email logins may be collected by ill-minded users. While these messages sound very worrying, you should remember that you should not trust random messages and alerts that were brought to your attention by non-trustworthy websites blindly.

The 'ERROR # MS-SYSINFO32' pop-ups are linked to a hoax, which aims to take money from users by convincing them to call a ‘Microsoft Technician’ that will help them resolve the issues listed in the first paragraph. However, a reputable company like Microsoft would never promote their services via such methods, nor will they warn you of spyware via Web browser pop-ups. Instead, the 'ERROR # MS-SYSINFO32' pop-ups have been created by con artists who use the phone number 888-991-0311 to lure innocent users into calling them for help.

Calling a phone line operated by online fraudsters is rather problematic, since they may utilize plenty of fear-mongering tactics to trick you into paying for dodgy services or software that you do not need. Once they have the money, they may give the victim some fake advice to make it look as if they helped or, in other cases, they may tell them to download a free utility that will supposedly help them to solve their problem.

If you ever encounter the 'ERROR # MS-SYSINFO32' pop-ups while browsing the Web, then we suggest that you ignore its contents since nothing there is true. You should make sure to close the tab containing the pop-ups, but this might not always be possible due to the scripts that the con artists might use to undermine the user’s Web browser. That is why it may sometimes be necessary to do a full browser restart to get rid of the 'ERROR # MS-SYSINFO32' pop-ups.