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Posted: March 11, 2021

EssentialType is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that may cause some problems for macOS users. PUPs of this sort are rarely spread via official websites or download pages and, instead, their creators are relying on deceptive tactics to reach as many users as possible. Often, EssentialType's installer may be embedded inside software bundles, which use misleading instructions to trick users into agreeing to install additional software. In other cases, the EssentialType may be promoted as an entirely different piece of software, which is supposed to introduce valuable features. The truth is that as soon as EssentialType is installed, it will modify your Web browser's settings without your approval.

Some of the changes typical for EssentialType are replacing the default search engine and new tab page or redirecting users to 3rd-party sites with a questionable reputation. Some users who encountered EssentialType also report that they were seeing an increased number of ads when spending time online.

If you notice the name EssentialType on your macOS device, or you experience some of the symptoms explained above, then you should use a reputable macOS security tool to dispose of this PUP as soon as possible.