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EverydayMemo Toolbar

Posted: September 14, 2018

The EverydayMemo Toolbar is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) praised by its creators at Mindspark Interactive Network as a useful tool for making notes and to-do lists. The EverydayMemo Toolbar does not do any direct damage, and its functionalities could come in hand had it not been for a few disconcerting facts.

First and foremost, the EverydayMemo Toolbar is known to take evasive routes to a PC system because many users don't recall installing it in the first place. This raises concern that the EverydayMemo Toolbar may be smuggling itself into computers as a hidden drive-by download.

Second, EverydayMemo sets hp(dot)myway(dot)com as the default homepage, tab page, and search engine in all the Web browsers installed on the computer in question unilaterally. What is more, the toolbar does not allow users to select an alternative search engine even if they reset the browsers, which is a typical trait of browser hijackers. The bad news is that hijackers have many additional traits – tracking the user's browsing history and harvesting data – which could inflict much greater damage compared to a mere change of a homepage.

Third, if one tries to open the website, which promotes the EverydayMemo Toolbar – free(dot)everydaymemo(dot)com – they are treated to a warning message stating that "attackers might be trying to steal information." Needless to say, the site does not offer a secure (HTTPS) communication for the time being. Last but not least, the company, which developed EverydayMemo has gained notoriety for churning out a number of browser hijackers to date, such as OnlineFormFinder, HolidayPhotoEdit, GetPoliticalNews, etc. Although these tools may differ from one to another in terms of the services they offer, they still share a common, just as shady, installation path.