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Posted: December 2, 2015

Threat Metric

Threat Level: 2/10
Infected PCs: 1,979
First Seen: November 28, 2015
Last Seen: June 4, 2023
OS(es) Affected: Windows

Everysale is adware that targets the Russian audience primarily. It promises the clients to keep them informed about the best shopping deals. In theory, the presence of this add-on in your system should optimize your shopping experience. In reality, Everysale may cause inconvenience to its users. The ads that it displays may be too intrusive, which may be highly irritating. The official webpage of this adware claims that the commercial materials will appear in Amazon and eBay. If this statement was true, then the users could actually enjoy the performance of Everysale because they would see the ads exactly when they want to purchase some product. Unfortunately, this promise is deceitful because the clients may encounter commercial materials on almost every page. They may come in the shapes of pop-ups, banners and animations, the majority of which contain some eye-catching elements to attract the interest of the person. In some cases, Everysale may even place screen-wide ads on top of the page you want to load. This approach is called 'interstitial advertising.' A usual complaint of the users is that the commercial materials have unfavorable consequences for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. The main problems that may occur are sites loading slower or sporadic freezes. They are not intentional but may happen because heavy multimedia elements may seize a lot of resources for themselves. If some of the ads point towards legitimate platforms, then it should be safe to check them. However, some commercial elements may try to promote unknown domains, some of which may be unsafe. If you didn't download Everysale from everysale.net, then it was most likely inserted into the installer of other freeware. If you wish to clean your Web clients from aggressive ads, you should delete the adware with a suitable security product.

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