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Posted: June 9, 2020

Extrasafe.xyz is a bogus page designed to display fake pop-ups and messages to iPhone users – it tells them that their device has been infected by several viruses and that they must take action immediately if they wish to keep their device safe and secure. The pop-up even has a countdown timer, which says that the user has 5 minutes before their iPhone is seriously damaged – it prompts the user to click a 'Repair Now' button that is supposed to help them fix the issue. Seeing the Extrasafe.xyz pop-ups for the first time can be a very bothersome experience, especially if you are not tech-savvy – this website may trick you into believing that you have severe technical troubles on your hands. The good news is that the Extrasafe.xyz Pop-Ups are fake, and it is impossible for a random website to give you accurate information about your phone or computer's health and safety.

Clicking the 'Repair Now' button that Extrasafe.xyz promotes may lead you to the download page of various iOS applications – two examples of applications supported by Extrasafe.xyz are Globe VPN-Internet Security and Fireblocker. Neither of these is good at malware removal, and it is likely that the Extrasafe.xyz's administrator is being paid for each software install that their website generates – this would explain why they are so focused on using misleading pop-ups to promote the installation of these applications.

If you encounter the Extrasafe.xyz Pop-Ups, you should remember not to be worried about their contents. Do not download the software they promote and ignore the fake virus and alert warnings you see.

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