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Ezy Photo Tab

Posted: May 27, 2020

Ezy Photo Tab is a browser add-on that promises to give you access to a neat and helpful set of photo and video editing utilities that can help you manipulate photos and videos through your Web browser. However, once the Ezy Photo Tab software is installed, it will demand to apply changes to your Web browser's default new tab page immediately - it wants to have it replaced by Ezypohtotab.com/newtab/v1/. Having this page set as the default site you see when you open a new tab is not a major issue, but you should not expect it to work as reliably as popular new tab sites like Yahoo, Bing or Google.

In addition to introducing potentially unwanted changes to your browser's settings, you also should know that the features offered by Ezy Photo Tab are not special at all – it does not host any photo-editing software and, instead, all it does is to redirect you to publicly accessible photo-editing services. The same services can be accessed without installing Ezy Photo Tab at all.

If you have Ezy Photo Tab installed and you are not happy with the changes it brought, then you should take action and remove it with the help of a suitable PC security tool that specializes in the removal of Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs).