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Fanatics Search

Posted: September 18, 2018

The Fanatics Search is a browser extension compatible with Google Chrome and Firefox. According to the description published on the official Chrome Store, this add-on is developed and published by Aztec Media Inc., a company whose name is associated with Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) like Pics4NewTab and the Download Manager Star. The common thing between the Fanatics Search and these other PUPs is that they all demand permission to tamper with the settings of the user’s Web browser.

If you are a user of Google Chrome and opt to install the Fanatics Search, you may see that this extension asks for permission to set Blpsearch.com as the default search aggregator immediately. The same scenario might be repeated if you are a Mozilla Firefox user. The good news is that changes of this sort are not classified as unsafe – the worst that Fanatics Search might do is to annoy you slightly by forcing you to use an alternative search engine.

The Fanatics Search add-on does not enhance your ability to search the Web, and security researchers would not recommend installing it. If you have already added the Fanatics Search extension to your web browser and you are dissatisfied with the changes it brought, then we advise you to proceed to remove it either manually or with a suitable PC security utility. The removal of the Fanatics Search also should revert any changes this add-on made when it was first installed.