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Fast Browser

Posted: March 17, 2016

Fast Browser by InfoSpace, Inc. is not a Web client that you want to keep on your PC. It is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that may be the cause of various issues. The questionable application is developed on the Chromium engine, which contains the source codes of Google Chrome. This fact explains the visual similarities between the PUP and the legit Chrome browser. However, Fast Browser may not be as reliable. It promotes the shady search site fastbrowsersearch.com, which may show manipulated results. Fast Browser may set it as your homepage automatically. You should not be amused if you notice many more commercial materials in this browser than you encounter in the popular Web clients like Chrome or Firefox. The authors of the PUP have included vast amounts of pop-ups, banners, embedded multimedia materials and in-text ads completely intentionally. They may lead to third-party sites that have been included in a partner network. A significant part of the promoted platforms may be shopping pages. When Fast Browser transfers you there, its developers will receive certain pay-per-click commissions. The presence of the ads may cause inconvenience. You may notice that your operating speed is slower than usual due to the resource consumption of the marketing elements. You may even experience crashes. Some advertising boxes may overlap page elements, making it difficult for you to navigate through the pages. The offers and discounts that you may find everywhere may not be chosen at random. They may be based on your surfing history, which may make them user-relevant. However, you should get going with caution because you don't know where they may take you. Some ads may be associated with potentially unsafe sites. Visiting them may cause infection. The specialists recommend you to use a trustworthy security program to delete Fast Browser.

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