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FF AntiVirus Save

Posted: April 6, 2018

FF AntiVirus Save is a potentially unwanted program that is usually installed and designed for the Firefox web browser. Use of FF AntiVirus Save may not be an immediate issue for PC users. However, using FF AntiVirus Save may cause unwanted site redirects or at least modification of web browser settings where the default home page or new tab pages are changed to load alternative sites.

FF AntiVirus Save may be executed through JavaScript and prompt pop-up displays. The recording of web page searches or other Internet activities may take place while FF AntiVirus Save may continually display misleading content.

The removal of FF AntiVirus Save is usually left to the use of an anti-spyware application or resource. Manually eliminating FF AntiVirus Save may be a task that savvy PC users can perform to rid a system of all FF AntiVirus Save components and stoppings its many potentially unwanted activities.