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File Conversion Now

Posted: June 8, 2020

The File Conversion Now is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP)) whose primary goal is to make sure all your search queries go through an engine known as query.hfileconversionnow.com. A slightly modified version of this URL — Search.hfileconversionnow.com — also will become your new default homepage every time you open a new browser window or tab. The tool is available as an extension for Google Chrome in the official Google Chrome Web store freely, and everyone can add it to their Chrome browser if they want to. Where's the problem, then? The problem is that:

  • File Conversion Now doesn't even bother asking you to modify your defaults.
  • The extension may sneak into your system as a drive-by download from a software bundle, as well.

A quick glance at the product's description in the Chrome Web store presents File Conversion Now as the place to go whenever you need to find websites offering file conversion services. You may need one if you wish to convert a photo or a video from one format to another, and, in this respect, the extension may do the job. You also will get a detailed weather forecast as an added bonus. So far, so good. The search engine associated with File Conversion Now — query.hfileconversionnow.com — redirects to the Yahoo search engine. However, that does't mean that it cannot keep a log of your browsing activity and swarm you with tons of online advertisements relating thereto.

There's nothing wrong with File Conversion Now being present on your system … if you installed it from the official Google Chrome Web store. Otherwise, the extension may have turned up on your PC as an uninvited guest. That may happen if it came bundled with more popular programs in a single installation file.

Whenever you download software bundles, always go for custom rather than full installation and pick whichever components you wish to install. Uncheck the rest (if any).

Regardless of the distribution method used to plant File Conversion Now into your Google Chrome Extensions List, you can delete it from that list at your discretion whenever you wish.