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Posted: March 4, 2019

Fileconvertor is a computer threat that is classified as a browser hijacker. The reason for its classification by computer security experts is somewhat due to the component having the ability to modify Internet settings sometimes without the permission or knowledge of the computer user.

The actions of Fileconvertor are questionable at best where it may change Internet settings to load an alternative site as a default home page or new tab page. The home page associated with Fileconvertor attempts to offer methods for converting files but acts mostly like a generic Internet search site somewhat like Google or Bing.

Using the home page associated with Fileconvertor may not cause issues immediately but could be troublesome due to it loading ransom advertisings or sponsored links that could cause unwanted redirects loading questionable sites.

Removal of Fileconvertor is left to most computer users utilizing an updated antimalware program, which can automatically detect and eliminate all components associated with Fileconvertor.