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filmsNet Search

Posted: February 12, 2018

The filmsNet Search might sound like a cool utility to use if you want to receive updates regarding the latest released and upcoming movies, but users who have used this software previously were left disappointed with the changes it brought to their computers. This Chrome extension is published by Medianetnow.com, and it might attract users by promising to give them the latest details from the world of filmmaking. However, what it might forget to mention is that the filmsNet Search does not use its own database of news, updates, and events but, instead, it simply refers users to 3rd-party websites and services that aim to provide information of this sort. While this is not necessarily bad, it fully eliminates the need for the filmsNet Search since all the data is publicly available.

Another reason why you might not want the filmsNet Search running on your computer is that this extension can't be used unless you allow it to set Chrome's default search engine to Movie.eanswers.com. While this search aggregator still provides legitimate results, it is understandable why most users would rather stick to using Bing, Google, Yahoo, or other popular search services.

If you've installed the filmsNet Search and you are not satisfied with the quality of its features, then we advise you to take care of its removal as soon as possible. You can do this either manually, or with the help of an up-to-date PC security scanner.