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Find Forms Fast

Posted: February 15, 2018

The Find Forms Fast extension (also known as Instant Forms and Fast Forms Finder) is meant to help users find various documents and forms online. While it does indeed provide its users with this functionality, the extension does not host any of the content it is meant to provide. Instead, all it does is to refer its users to 3rd-party services and websites that specialize in collecting, classifying, and distributing various forms. While this is still useful, you should keep in mind that this data can be accessed without using the Find Forms Fast at all – you just need to search the Web for the document or form you are looking for.

An interesting bit about the Find Forms Fast is how it refers users to the forms and documents they need. The extension only can be installed and work if the user allows it to replace the Chrome's default new tab with Search.dsearchm3f2.com. While this change is not harmful, it is understandable why most users would find it annoying and intrusive. The current version of Search.dsearchm3f2.com uses the Yahoo Search to deliver results, but it is possible that this status might change in the future and the quality of the search results it displays may worsen.

Computer users should stay away from dubious browser extensions if they demand permission to change their browser's default new tab page or search engine especially. If you have already agreed to install the Find Forms Fast, then you can remove it and reverse the changes either manually or with the help of a trustworthy PC security software suite.