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‘Fisher-king.info’ Pop-Ups

Posted: August 3, 2015

If you happen to see security warnings by fisher-king.info as you surf the web, you should know they are not to be trusted. These alerts display entirely false information about the state of your PC. According to them, there is a high-level cyber threat in your system, which may put at risk your personal files. In fact, no site can ever get access to your hard disks and check for malicious software – not unless you download some tool. The purpose of these fake notifications it to scare you and trick you into calling the displayed phone number – allegedly to receive assistance in resolving the issue. When you dial this number, you will get in touch with some experienced and cunning scammers. After a short conversation, in which they try to stress their potential victim even more, these fraudsters usually request a significant amount of money for their services. The exact sum they want depends on their assessment of the person but often reaches a few hundred dollars. The fisher-king.info pop-ups are often generated by some Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) or adware, which may have entered stealthily into your system. These questionable applications may result in many other problems besides the fake security warnings. To maintain your machine clean, you should ignore all alerts by fisher-king.info and delete the software that causes them. Since these tools may be hard to remove, you should use a dedicated anti-malware product.