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Flixtab Movie Center

Posted: February 27, 2018

The Flixtab Movie Center by Moviesearchcenter.com is a Chrome add-on whose installation might seem like a good idea at first, because it claims to provide users with access to entertaining media content, news about upcoming movies and TV series, as well as other articles and stories that might be interesting for people who enjoy staying up-to-date with the events in Hollywood. However, what the Flixtab Movie Center might not mention is that the add-on itself does not shows any of the content it promotes and, instead, all it does is to refer users to 3rd-party services and websites, which specialize in delivering content related to movies and TV series.

While this is still somewhat useful, there are other things about the Flixtab Movie Center that users are likely to be unhappy with. This extension is known to replace the default Chrome New Tab with Moviesearchcenter.com. While this is not an unsafe change, it is understandable why some users would find it irritating. This page appears to host a working search engine, as well as popular movie-related websites like IMDB, Netflix, Hulu and others. However, using a 3rd-party search engine on a daily basis might not be the best idea since the quality of its results might diminish at any time.

If you have added this extension to your Web browser and you are not happy with what it has to offer, then we suggest that you take the required steps to complete its removal. Naturally, the easiest and swiftest way to take care of things is to run a credible PC security scanner that will identify any Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) and offer to remove them. You could also uninstall the Flixtab Movie Center manually by using Google Chrome's settings.