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Free Forms Now

Posted: October 4, 2018

The Free Forms Now is a browser extension offered by Polarity Technologies LTD. The Free Forms Now is meant to provide its users with a convenient way to find all sorts of document forms regarding taxes, work applications, and other government paperwork quickly. While this might sound like a great tool to have at your disposal, we would like to remind you that there are plenty of online services, which offer the same thing without asking you to install questionable 3rd-party software. The Free Forms Now does not use a unique library to fetch its forms from and, instead, it simply uses free services like the ones mentioned above to bring you the content you seek. This would not be an issue if it the installation of the Free Forms Now did not bring undesired changes to the browser’s configuration – it is meant to replace the default new tab page the user sees with the website Search.hfreeformsnow.com.

The change that the Free Forms Now add-on is responsible for is not unsafe, but users might not enjoy it since it forces them to use an alternative new tab page that may not have the features they desire. A quick look at Search.hfreeformsnow.com reveals that the website hosts a search engine powered by Yahoo, a weather widget, and a collection of links, which lead the user to popular online services for form searching.

Since the Free Forms Now add-on does not offer any unique features and, instead, it simply brings more traffic to the Seach.hfreeformsnow.com page, there is no valid reason to keep this extension installed on your computer. If you want to ensure its full removal, we advise you to use a trustworthy PC security scanner, which is guaranteed to get rid of every last file linked to the Free Forms Now extension.