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Free Package Tracker Plus

Posted: July 14, 2020

Free Package Tracker Plus is a browser add-on that is being promoted via its official website that poses as a free file conversion tool. However, if you stumble upon Free Package Tracker Plus's website and try to use the converter there, you may be immediately prompted to install the Free Package Tracker Plus add-on to continue. While this add-on is not harmful at all, it may modify your Web browsing experience in a negative way – it does this by forcing you to see unwanted ads and pop-ups, as well as to experience random redirects to 3rd-party websites. The content that the Free Package Tracker Plus adware promotes may often be non-trustworthy – fake prize raffles, fake surveys, or misleading offers is some of the suspicious content that Free Package Tracker Plus may bring to your attention.

You can rest assured that Free Package Tracker Plus is not a good choice when it comes to tracking packages and deliveries – any reputable delivery company can give you access to such services without asking you to install 3rd-party software. If you have added the Free Package Tracker Plus extension to your Web browser, then you should consider removing it as soon as you can. This can be accomplished by using a suitable PC security scanner.