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Free Streaming Radio

Posted: January 23, 2020

The Free Streaming Radio is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) whose installation may end up causing problems for you. This program promises to supply its users with access to online radio streams that you can tune in for free – while it is true that the application offers such content, you should know that the radio streams that Free Streaming Radio promotes are available online, and you do not need 3rd-party software to listen to them. A quick Web search for online radio streams should provide you with plenty of options that do not require the installation of the Free Streaming Radio or similar software.

One of the side effects of installing the Free Streaming Radio browser add-on is having to use an alternative new tab page that you might not be a fan of - Search.freestreamingradiotab.net. Even worse, the website is offline currently, so users will end up seeing an error page on any occasion they attempt to open a new tab. To resolve the minor annoyance that the installation of Free Streaming Radio causes, you should remove this Potentially Unwanted Program immediately.

The removal of PUPs can be accomplished either manually or with the assistance of a reputable PC security tool. We recommend the latter removal method since it ensures that all leftover files and Registry entries associated with the PUP will be removed properly.