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Friv Launcher

Posted: March 23, 2016

Friv Launcher is a typical adware extension that may insert large quantities of unwanted ads in your browsers. This suspicious app is related to a platform for free online games, which you can find at www.friv.cm. Friv Launcher hosts more than 50 games, which have been distributed into ten categories. The administrators of Friv Launcher say they can offer a suitable game for every visitor, no matter if the favored game is Racing, Puzzle, Strategy or Sports genres. Part of the games are intriguing and safe to play. However, some may ask you to download them to your PC. Others may show an ad before they launch, which also may encourage you to install suggested software. In case you agree to do it, you will also load the Friv Launcher adware. If you have never visited www.friv.cm, but the ad-based extension has still affected your web clients, it might have entered alongside another application. The adware is cross-compatible, so it may modify the settings of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer quickly. You may notice that your homepage has been changed automatically. The questionable ad-oriented extensions may promote low-quality search providers that may redirect users towards affiliated domains. The same is the purpose of the pop-ups, banners, interstitial or transitional ads, which you may encounter consistently during your online sessions. While some of the partner sites may be safe, others may be hazardous. They may, for example, offer you Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) disguised as legit updates. There is no way to distinguish safe from potentially corrupt ads before clicking on them, so it is advisable to ignore them all. Friv Launcher may have adverse results on the performance of the Web clients. You may experience occasional speed drops or freezes. You also may not enjoy that the commercial materials may seize a large area of the screen. Considering all of the listed issues, the experts suggest you delete the adware with a credible security solution.