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Posted: January 6, 2021

Fuq.com is a website hosting pirated adult videos. It is known for being riddled with corrupted advertisements, which may try to redirect you to tactics, harmful software, or other deceptive content. On top of all this, the page at Fuq.com may try other tricks to get the ability to fill your browser with intrusive content – for example, it may prompt you to subscribe to its notifications. If these permissions are granted, Fuq.com may abuse the feature to spam you with undesired advertisements.

While a unique Fuq.com virus does not exist, many people mistake Fuq.com's shady behavior as the doing of a harmful application. While Fuq.com does not host viruses on its servers, it is entirely possible that its visitors may be asked to visit 3rd-party sites, which may host such content.

If your Web browsing experience is ruined because of Fuq.com and its advertisements, then you should start avoiding this website or other pages hosting pirated adult videos. Furthermore, it is recommended to run a reputable anti-malware scanner to make sure that no harmful software made its way to your device.