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GImage Downloader

Posted: June 8, 2018

The GImage Downloader is a dubious Chrome extension, which appears to be advertised via a gimmicky website that claims to offer an add-on called 'Safe Search' when, in reality, the download button takes the user to the GImage Downloader's Chrome Store page. This extension does not seem shady judging by its description since it is meant to provide users with a convenient and swift way to download multiple images from the page they are viewing currently.

However, a close look at GImage Downloader's activity shows that this add-on tends to connect to a remote server in the background. The interesting bit is that the server's address is the same as the one of the download page - hxxp://app.initialsky.cool. While this activity does not appear to have harmful consequences, it might mean that the GImage Downloader is planning to inject advertisements in the user's Web browser or obtain browsing data, which might be supplied to online advertisement agencies.

Regardless of GImage Downloader's true intentions, there's no doubt that this extension does not offer a unique feature and removing it would be the best option certainly since they are better and more reputable alternatives that will not perform shady actions in the background. If you have installed the GImage Downloader, we advise you to take care of its removal either manually or with a suitable PC security scanner.