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GagCool Chrome Extension

Posted: November 1, 2017

The GagCool Chrome Extension is a browser add-on, which offers to enhance the user's Web searching experience by granting them access to a new and functional search engine, which can provide them with the most reliable and accurate results. In addition to this, the GagCool Chrome Extension also claims to give users the ability to modify their search engine according to their choice by choosing from new backgrounds or receiving a random background every day. However, what the authors of the GagCool Chrome Extension might not mention directly is that users who opt to install this add-on will need to authorize it to tamper with the Google Chrome's settings. Naturally, this is not linked to any unsafe actions, but the GagCool Chrome Extension might replace the user's new tab page and default search service provider with new settings.

When these changes are applied, the users might notice that their searches might take a bit longer to complete since the GagCool Chrome Extension will take a while to redirect them to Bing finally. The new tab page and default search provider that GagCool introduces are the same - Search.gag.cool. The website is 100% safe, and it does appear to work reliably at the moment. However, since Search.gag.cool is not linked to a reputable software publisher, there's no way to guarantee that its reliable state will be preserved.

If you have the GagCool Chrome Extension installed and you are not happy with the changes it brought, then you should consider removing it either manually or with the assistance of a cyber security tool. Also, your settings should be restored automatically once GagCool is fully removed.