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gamesFinder Search

Posted: March 12, 2018

The gamesFinder Search is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) which, despite its name, will not help you find cool games to play through your Web browser. Although the add-on promises to enhance your Web browser's search abilities, the truth is that the only major change it brings is likely to turn out to be negative. The gamesFinder Search is meant to set Google Chrome's default search engine to Search.myappzcenter.com, a harmless change which, however, most users are likely to find annoying.

The gamesFinder Search is identical to the musicFinder Search with one exception – instead of promising to help you find music, it will promise to help you find games. However, the gamesFinder Search's search feature is not that handy, and it does not prioritize games at all so that you will not find it any easier to find free-to-play online games.

Since the gamesFinder Search is classified as a PUP, it is not mandatory to remove it since it does not threaten your online safety and privacy. However, users who do not wish to use 3rd-party extensions that force them to use an alternative search aggregator are advertised to take care of the gamesFinder Search's removal. This task can be accomplished through the browser's settings manually or with the assistance of a suitable PC Security software suite.