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Posted: September 20, 2011

Get-answers-fast.com is a fraudulent search engine website that's cut from the same mold as similar fake search sites, such as find-answers-fast.com, find-fast-answers.com, Resulturl, Findxplorer, 50searchengines.com and Seeearch.com. Like the other fake websites that Get-answers-fast.comresembles, Get-answers-fast.com pretends to offer helpful search results, but SpywareRemove.com malware analysts have found that all of Get-answers-fast.com's results are fake and irrelevant to the search parameters. Get-answers-fast.com will link you to advertisement-based sites, harmful sites that peddle rogue security products and websites that will exploit browser vulnerabilities to install malicious software onto your PC. Even if you're willing to stay far away from Get-answers-fast.com, browser hijackers may force you to visit Get-answers-fast.com against your will; in such cases, using an anti-malware program to scan your hard drive and remove the Get-answers-fast.com-affiliated infection is your best option.

Likely Infections That Get-answers-fast.com May Inject Into Your PC

Even though a typical web-browsing will rarely lead you to Get-answers-fast.com, you may be forced towards Get-answers-fast.com by browser hijackers or malicious websites that redirect you to Get-answers-fast.com, regardless of what you're doing. Exposure to Get-answers-fast.com or to the fake search results that Get-answers-fast.com offers can result in infection by the following:

  • Hijackers that take over your web browser, changing your homepage settings and altering your website destinations at a whim. Hijackers may or may not be specific to the website they were contracted from, and can redirect you to Get-answers-fast.com or to an equally-malicious site like 50searchengines.com. These hijackers will often trigger when you attempt to use a search engine.
  • Rogue security and anti-virus programs that create fake error messages. Websites that are similar to Get-answers-fast.com (such as find-answers-fast.com) have been known to promote scamware like Antivirus 2008, System Antivirus 2008, Doctor Antivirus and Vista Antivirus 2009. SpywareRemove.com malware researchers have found that these rogue security programs are just as dangerous as Get-answers-fast.com itself and should be removed with an equal level of haste.
  • Security software-blocking infections that reduce your computer's security by arbitrarily blacklisting well-known security programs, including Windows Task Manager or anti-virus scanners.
  • Infections that prevent you from visiting PC security websites; you may see a fake 'unsafe website' error message instead of the site's normal content.

Putting Your Boot to Get-answers-fast.com for Real Answers

The Get-answers-fast.com attack symptoms noted above shouldn't be fought by uninstalling the problematic programs or web browser, since Get-answers-fast.com infections will use the Windows Registry for most of their attacks. Instead, SpywareRemove.com malware experts note that you should use an anti-malware program to scan your PC and remove all components of a Get-answers-fast.com infection.

Because a Get-answers-fast.com infection is likely to block your security software, you should anticipate and avoid this barricade by using Safe Mode or another form of system restart that stops the Get-answers-fast.com infection from launching itself. Until you've done this and deleted Get-answers-fast.com with the right anti-malware product, your PC will remain in danger of fake error messages, browser redirects, disabled system settings and other forms of harm that should never be tolerated.

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