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GetFreeGifs Toolbar

Posted: September 25, 2017

The GetFreeGifs Toolbar is a browser extension developed, published, and maintained by Mindspark Interactive Network. This company is well-known because of its rich portfolio that consists of browser add-ons that offer users access to a variety of interesting features. The name of the GetFreeGifs Toolbar is pretty self-describing, and the users who install this extension may want to use it to discover new and interesting online GIFs that can be arranged into different categories.

However, while the GetFreeGifs Toolbar does offer the ability to browse and search for GIFs online quickly, users who are interested in this add-on might not be aware that its installation may modify their browser's settings to promote a 3rd-party search engine, which is not as reputable as Yahoo, Bing, Google, or other popular search engine websites. The site that the GetFreeGifs Toolbar promotes is hosted by MyWay.com, a company that seems to be closely affiliated with Mindspark Interactive Network since many of their applications promote the MyWay.com search pages.

Users who install the GetFreeGifs Toolbar might notice that the MyWay.com page has replaced their default homepage and new tab page. The add-on suits Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome so that all users who utilize these Web browsers might end up affected by the changes that the GetFreeGifs Toolbar is meant to bring.

While using the GetFreeGifs Toolbar and the MyWay.com search engine is not harmful, it is recommended to stay away from extensions that attempt to force their users to replace their favorite homepage or new tab page with an alternative website. If you are interested in removing the GetFreeGifs Toolbar, then you can take care of the problem by uninstalling the add-on from the browser's extension manager manually.