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Posted: April 19, 2016

The GetNowUpdater program is advertised as a tool to keep your programs up-to-date from a central hub, and make sure that you install patches and updates from legitimate sources. The GetNowUpdater program is a product of Imminent Technology S.R.L. and may be published by SIEN Internet Products Ltd. bundled with third-party applications like Loot Find and 1stBrowser, which are labeled as badware. The GetNowUpdater application is perceived as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) because it is supported by advertisers that may bombard users with marketing materials as long as the GetNowUpdater is running on their PCs. Security authorities reveal that the GetNowUpdater software is not recognized as a certified service provider, and is not working with Atheros, Nvidia, Qualcomm and Intel to deliver safe updates to its users. You are not advised to use the GetNowUpdater application to update your programs and system drivers. The GetNowUpdater software does not utilize encryption and your connection to the Internet may be intercepted by third parties. The GetNowUpdater application may gather informationsuch as your software and hardware configurations, as well as your IP and MAC address to help advertisers push targeted marketing materials on your screen. Additionally, the GetNowUpdater program may make changes to your Internet settings and install an adapter to your system that might change your default search provider and homepage to Search.Ask.com. The GetNowUpdater program is built on the Qt cross-platform application development framework and may load several multimedia widgets on your desktop to present you with promotions and updates from social media. The GetNowUpdater application may decrease your computer performance and hijack system resources to make sure you are provided with ads. The GetNowUpdater software may drop its files in the hidden AppData folder and operate as a portable program to evade detection. You should use a reliable anti-malware utility to delete all files associated with the GetNowUpdater software.