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Get Quick Directions

Posted: June 8, 2020

Get Quick Directions is a browser hijacker designed to modify some browser settings so that it always redirects the user through the getquickdirections.com fake search engine. Possibly Unwanted Programs (PUPs) such as Get Quick Directions are usually downloaded and installed without the user's knowledge. This often happens when users download freeware or shareware from an illegitimate source or are prompted to use a bogus driver or program update. Due to this method of propagation, software such as the Get Quick Directions also categorized as browser hijackers.

As suggested by the name, Get Quick Directions supposedly provides driving directions, satellite maps and traffic updates to its users. The Get Quick Directions real purpose, however, is to change the default search engine, homepage, and new tab of your browser to the getquickdirections.com search engine. The getquickdirections.com search engine is considered to be fake, as it doesn't generate any results of its own, redirecting to the legitimate Yahoo search engine instead.

But PUPs such as Get Quick Directions usually do more than just redirect to legitimate search engines. Their primary purpose is to collect various user browsing data, such as addresses of visited pages, search queries, IP addresses and geolocations. Some PUPs are capable of gathering other sensitive user information that could lead to identity theft.

The people behind PUPs such as Get Quick Directions, usually end up selling the data they have collected to third parties that could potentially be cybercriminals, further compromising your online privacy and browsing safety.