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Get Speed Test Fast

Posted: April 30, 2020

Get Speed Test Fast is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) that is installed in the form of a browser add-on that claims to provide users with the ability to test their Internet speed immediately. However, using an extension like Get Speed Test Fast is not recommended due to several reasons:

  • There are countless free speed test services that can be used without installing 3rd-party software.
  • Get Speed Test Fast has accumulated a small number of downloads, and it is not considered to be a reputable or trustworthy utility.
  • The installation of the Get Speed Test Fast PUP may end up introducing undesired changes to your Web browser's configuration.

Get Speed Test Fast's installer will set your default new tab page and search settings to Search.hgetspeedtestfast.com. While this change is not a major security issue, it may force you to use a 3rd-party search page that is not reliable. We advise you to avoid using browser add-ons and software that demands to apply major changes to your Web browser's configuration. If you are using Get Speed Test Fast already and you are not happy with it, you should take care of its removal with the use of a popular PC security scanner.