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Posted: June 18, 2020

GhostSearch is a browser add-on that promises to grant its users enhanced anonymity while searching the Internet, therefore, reducing the number of targeted ads they see. What GhostSearch has to offer may sound promising, but users who install this add-on are likely to end up disappointed – this extension focuses on changing your Web browser's default search setting to Feed.ghost-search.com and new tab page to Portal.ghost-search.com. Using any of these websites may diminish the quality of the search results you see, and you may also encounter additional advertisements.

It would appear that GhostSearch promises great things, but fails to deliver. Instead, it brings traffic to its websites by forcing the user to browse them whenever they load a new tab or try to search the Web. If the GhostSearch add-on is present on your computer, you can take care of its removal by running a security tool that excels at removing Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP). The removal of GhostSearch should restore your Web browser's setting automatically.