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GiffySocial Toolbar

Posted: October 23, 2018

The GiffySocial Toolbar is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP), whose installation might often lead to undesired side effects such as having your Web browser’s new tab page directed to a MyWay.com-affiliated page found at hp.myway.com/giffysocial/ttab02/index.html. The page in question is safe to use, but it might use a search aggregator, which is not reputable, and there is a chance that its results might not always be reliable.

Users might want to install the GiffySocial Toolbar because it offers to provide them with access to neat and convenient tools that would allow them to create GIFs and memes in a matter of seconds. However, there is a catch – the GiffySocial Toolbar does not host any of the GIF and meme makers it promotes and, instead, all it does is to refer its users to 3rd-party online services, which can also be used without installing software like the GiffySocial Toolbar.

If you have installed the GiffySocial Toolbar recently and you are not happy with the changes it brought, then we suggest that you take the required measures to uninstall this product since this is the swiftest way to ensure that the changes, which the GiffySocial Toolbar brought, will be reverted.