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Posted: March 5, 2020

Goldraiven is a browser extension whose installation is a bad idea because it will apply certain changes to your Web browser's settings, and this may diminish your Web searching experience. One of the things that Goldraiven does when it is installed s to replace your search aggregator and browser's default new tab page with Search.goldraiven.com – a basic search engine that appears to use the Yahoo Search to deliver results.

The changes that Goldraiven makes are not a security concern, and you should not be too worried about them if you do not mind using an alternative search engine. However, extensions that force you to use alternative browser settings are almost never helpful, and you can rest assured that Goldraiven will not provide you with any valuable features.

If you wish to revert the changes that Goldraiven made, then you should remove the add-on manually, or by using a PC security utility. Reputable anti-virus products should identify the Goldraiven add-on as a 'Potentially Unwanted Program' (PUP) and recommend its removal.

To avoid dealing with PUPs in the future, you should be more careful about the files you download and install – remember to stay away from dodgy websites, and never download files and add-ons offered by random pages.