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Posted: January 8, 2021

Googlesyndication, or Googlesyndication.com, is a website affiliated with the official Google company. It is part of the Google Ads / Google AdSense networks, and it serves the purpose of delivering tailored marketing content to Internet users. Many users might trigger Googlesyndication's advertisements because they are working with Google's advertising services. Usually, Google has a rigorous policy when it comes to permitting new advertisements, so it is highly unlikely that you will encounter shady files being propagated through the Googlesyndication domains. However, there might be an exception, and you should always be careful when ad-ridden domains ask you to download files or grant them extended access to your Web browser's features.

Many non-tech-savvy users might label Googlesyndication as a virus, but this is not true. This domain is part of Google's legitimate ad delivery service, and it is not harmful. You should still not forget that ill-intentioned artists may try to bypass Google Ads' verification process and then abuse them to deliver potentially harmful content. Always be careful whenever you encounter Googlesyndication advertisements or other online ads – do not follow their links and offers unless you are 100% positive that they are trustworthy.