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goPhotoz Start Extension

Posted: February 20, 2018

The goPhotoz Start Extension is a browser add-on, which might seem useful because it promises to provide users with a great photography searching tool that they can use whenever they access their new tab page. While this might sound great, the installation of the goPhotoz Start Extension requires you to use an alternative website as your default new tab page, and it might not be as credible as the new tab you used previously. Research shows that the goPhotoz Start Extension's new tab is not suspicious, but the search field it includes might often lead users to search results that contain ads, sponsored links or other sorts of marketing content. This is rather intrusive, and we are certain that most users would prefer to use a new tab that offers them an ad-free browsing experience.

It is important to add that the goPhotoz Start Extension is by no means a harmful application, and researchers have marked it as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). The goPhotoz Start Extension does not exhibit unsafe behavior but, in the meantime, it also does not offer irreplaceable features and also might be the cause for unwanted changes to the user's Web browsing experience.

The changes the goPhotoz Start Extension brings are easy to revert by uninstalling this extension. Its removal can be completed manually, but you can rest assured that a credible and up-to-date PC security software suite also will be able to help you dispose of the goPhotoz Start Extension's files.