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Posted: December 30, 2016

Grandburst.com is the official page of the Grand Burst New Tab Chrome extension, which promises users to enhance their search and Web browsing experience by replacing their new tab page and homepage with a modern and more functional search engine. The page that the Grand Burst New Tab promotes is home.grandburst.com, and it does indeed host a search engine that some users might find useful. The Grand Burst New Tab software is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program, and some users might want to think twice whether they want to keep using this software or not.

The good news is that neither Grandburst.com nor the Home.grandburst.com pages are linked to any unsafe or suspicious activities, and visiting either of these Web destinations will not expose you to harmful content. When Home.grandburst.com is set as the default new tab page and homepage, users will begin seeing this page whenever they launch their Web browser. Apart from the usual search field, Home.grandburst.com also includes a small collection of hotlinks to some popular websites like Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Twitter, Instagram, etc. While this feature may seem useful at first, users should keep in mind that they can always use their browser's bookmarks for this purpose, and this will not require them to install 3rd-party software like the Grand Burst New Tab extension.

Furthermore, the enhanced search features promised on Grandburst.com are nowhere to be found, since a quick check reveals that all search queries executed on Home.grandburst.com will redirect users to Google.com's search algorithm. This means that there's literally no difference between the search results delivered by Google and Home.grandburst.com. In short, this means that at least one of the claims seen on Grandburst.com is untrue, and pairing this with the fact that Grand Burst Chrome New Tab is classified is a PUP should be enough to convince some users to remove this software. The removal of Home.grandburst.com and Grand Burst New Tab can be performed manually or with the assistance of a suitable cyber security product.