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Posted: August 4, 2015

Although HdqPlayer initially appears as a brand-new video player with numerous reliable features, the security experts unanimously classify it as Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). The application can be downloaded from its fancy-looking website but more often arrives bundled with third-party freeware. The way HdqPlayer is advertised is very tempting, and even experienced PC users may be tricked. However, as soon as it reaches the system, this PUP starts behaving in an annoying manner. What disturbs its clients the most is the presence of unrequested pop-ups, banners, in-text and interstitial ads. These commercial elements can appear consistently throughout the surfing sessions, regardless if the user prefers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. The unpleasant effects of this behavior are many. The visible problems are that the ads often slow down the browser and occupy a big part of the screen. While these issues can certainly cause annoyance, the real danger is related to the promoted third-party pages. Any site that seeks to boost its popularity can rely on the services of HdqPlayer, as long as its administrators pay the necessary referral commissions. If evil-minded people decide to use this approach, the unsuspecting users may be tricked into various deceptive or harmful domains. The experts advise against keeping HdqPlayer because there are many other media players that don't cause the listed problems. The most reliable way to eradicate this PUP is with an advanced anti-malware application.